Our Breeding Stock

Our Breeding Stock.

Ozark Tank

Tex X Star
Tank is the son of Tex and Star owned by Roy Cox.
Tank is the father of Ozark Okie and several of the
dogs we sold in the past year. Tank is one of our studs.

Ozark Tara

Tara is the daughter of Roy Cox's Tex. Tara has produced good cattle
dogs and is the mother of Ozark Dixie and Ozark Okie.
She is one of our breeding females.

Ozark Okie

Okie is a double bred Tex, he is the son of Ozark Tank and Ozark Tara.
Okie is line bred and goes back several times to Buchanan Okie. Okie also
goes back to Roy Cox's Ben.

Ozark Dixie

Dixie is the daughter of Ozark Smoke and Ozark Tara.
Dixie has produced many good solid Cow Dogs.
She is one of our main breeding females.